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The Tribe

What is Tomahawk Traditions you ask? For me to fully explain lets start with the name. The reason I chose Tomahawk is because it is a versatile tool. It can be used as a means to cut branches, small trees, dig holes, butcher game and be used as a weapon. It doesn't have one speciality. It is a jack of all trades if you will. Next, in order for me to explain Tradition I need to discuss culture first. We as people are drawn to those that are like minded. We consider ourselves a part of their group or tribe. They exibit the same values and showcase the same behaviors as us. Its when we pass those values and behaviors down generation after generation that we grow a Tradition.

So back to the main question: What is Tomahawk Traditions? Its a place for people who are tired of the same ol' routine, are ready to challenge the status quo and themselves. They are versatile like the Tomahawk, dedicated to the process, willing to learn, with a never-back-down attitude. A place where there are no failures, just learning opportunities. Where people can show their hard work, build and share their own Tradition.

Here at Tomahawk Traditions we believe in leading by example. With that being said I'll show you all the things that light a fire in me and how I'm shaping my very own Traditon.

Devan Reilly

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